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Is there a program with Resurge?

Resurge can be a great tool to help with current stress and lifestyle changes you may have been struggling with! A good night's sleep is the foundation for the body to function at its best!

There is no specific 'program' or 'eating plan' advertised with Resuge.  

Simply follow the instructions on the bottle to start reaping the rewards of a good night's sleep!

Concerning results, your sleep should improve immediately with Resurge. For those of us who suffer from 'my brain won't stop!' when we try to sleep, you can help Resurge work for you with a few simple 'pre-bedtime routines' to help set you up for success! Goal yourself to turn off your blue screens two hours before bedtime and begin to relax and prepare for sleep: quiet your mind, do some gentle stretching, breathe, put on soothing music, dim the lights, etc.

If you are a light sleeper who wakes easily during the night, you may benefit from some 'white noise' such as a fan or a white noise generator. If you have difficulty going back to sleep after a bathroom visit during the night, try the above suggestions to help your mind return to sleep.

Weight loss will come more easily once you can achieve quality sleep. Your body will be ready to do more, be more active, and begin to make better food choices as it will no longer crave sugary treats to help with those mid morning and afternoon 'crashes'. I wish we we could say all this will happen 'overnight', but the timeline for weight loss will vary for each individual.

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