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Dosage and when to take Resurge

Dosage: 4 capsules 30 mins before bedtime 

You can take it on an empty stomach or with food, whatever you prefer. 

Each person will respond differently and the time it takes for the effects to set in will be specific to your body. 

The research indicates that most people can start to feel the effects within about 30 - 40 mins or so. However this is something you can test for yourself and determine if you need to take it a bit sooner before you plan to go to bed. Or, you may find it takes longer, between 45 min to an hour to fully feel the effects. Each person will react differently to Resurge. You can take it anywhere from 30-60 minutes before bed and test to see how quickly you fall asleep. 

You can also lower the dosage if you think that 4 is too much. Try taking half the dose and test to see if you respond better to that. You may have a higher sensitivity to the ingredients. If you find half the dose to be strong you can even go down to 1 capsule and test that. With that said, it would be rare for anyone to need to go as low as 1 capsule. Once your body adapts, you can work your way back up to 4 if you feel it necessary. 

**Do not take Resurge in combination with any other sleep drug or sleep supplement, or any drug that is known to make you drowsy or sleepy.

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